A heartbreaking scene occurred during the grand finally of “Di Asa” at the Fantasy Dome Trade Fair, Accra.

During the heat of the event, comedian Baba Spirit was called onto the stage to crack joke but unfortunately, the MC has to cancel his performance abruptly after a minute of grabbing the microphone. Baba was seen running off the stage without even introducing himself.

Patrons were surprised at this occurrence and expected the MC to explain why His performance was cancelled but Odeefour never did that.

A well anticipated reality show like “Di Asa” shouldn’t treat their own as such, readers of GhanaCreativeArts.com wish to call on organizers of the show to publicly apologize to the comedian and to the general public for such a demeanor attitude portrayed by the MC even if it was an order from above.

‘Di Asa’ is a reality TV show which is aired on Atinka TV through the selection of extremely heavyweight market women to compete amongst themselves by dancing and has been in existence for the past three years. The season 3 season saw Precious Mensah (PM) crowned as the winner while Gaza and Mafia came as 1st and 2nd runners up.

Awuku Gh.


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