Controversial Dancehall Artiste Shatta Wale explains why Nigeria Music Industry is doing better than Ghana Music Industry.

Read what He posted on his Facebook timeline below.

“Many musician painted a certain picture about who a star should be and I found out it was a lie life for the next generation to follow.

Somebody might say how did I know it was a lie life but I will always tell that person or persons to check if we have really had a sequence we following when it comes to Ghana music..we have totally forgotten about our culture and identity so most of our musician find it difficult to create commercial songs more or less a global hit song

I will say this confidently and will say it again today ..
Ghana music has sold its music right to Nigeria and God is teaching us a great lesson for us not taking it serious to make a living out of it. So a few musicians in naija will teach us and it’s a must ….We all should emulate their seriousness before thinking of hype !!

We have been lied to too much and this is the time we need to grow up and take music as a Business !!!



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