Movie Director, Socrates Sarfo has asked Ghanaian Bloggers to display some wisdom anytime they are writing stories about celebrities and other personalities.

According to him, Bloggers should make it a point to think of the repercussions of their stories and not the readership they intend to get as a result of the story.

He made this known when he was speaking on Accra-based Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show hosted by Halifax Ansa-Addo in connection to stories about Joyce Blessing’s marriage challenges

He noted that most Bloggers in Ghana do not add wisdom to their profession and that has been the bane of the industry underscoring the need for Bloggers to always think of the aftermath of their stories and what it can do to families.

He questioned whether Blogger will be proud of themselves when they see children of Joyce Blessing going wayward because their stories broke their home.

” Add wisdom while doing your job. Always think of the aftermath of your stories. Think whether what you are writing will create problems for the personality involved. Also ask yourself if because of your story their home breaks and their children become wayward whether you will be proud of it,” he said on Okay FM.


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