Entertainment show host cum movie producer Ola Michael has took to facebook to plead with the general public to intercede on gospel musician Joyce Blessing’s behalf during prayers.

In his post, Ola laments miserably about how Joyce Blessing’s marriage is on the verge of collapse if God don’t intervene quickly.

“When u are able to spend time in prayers , pls pray for this hugely talented musician. I love her so much. I love her talent. I know deep within my heart that she has suffered so much in marriage.

She’s not a happy person, weeping every night. She’s scared of how the public will see her and what the public is saying about her.
She would want to tell the world her side of the story but not too sure if she would be believed.

She was coached to look arrogant and apprehensive by the very people who are destroying her today. They know her weakness and are taking advantage of it.

Dear friends, pls pray for Joyce Blessing. She’s a good woman. She’s a broken mother and need us as support and not as correction rods.

Dear God, please strenghten our sister. She’s not happy. She’s confused. She’s scatter brained. She needs u now more than ever. Please save her.


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