2013 was tragic on my fate calender when i met a notorious womanizer who gave me reasons to think he had settled on me to give marriage a chance after i have chosen him over a white lover who flown to Ghana to meet me and have an engagement so I could go to him in Germany where he base after i complete university education of which i used his money to enrol.

When my Ghanaian lover saw that there’s a new man who was serious to marry me,he fainted at his workplace and cried so much that I choose him over my newly white lover I met. I didn’t hide anything from the white there was somebody though.

Today I agree I was a fool to have believed he couldn’t live without me. My Ghanaian lover lurred me into using the monies the white guy gave me into building a shops on his land.
I completely used my personal money in everything which was required for the traditional engagement (items on our Ghanaian list required from the man by the woman’s family including both our rings). To why i did that I can’t explain but he had promised to refund after the wedding. But truthfully my actions were agitated by the fact that he paid GHC 4000 in recording my album when we met which i paid double in funding that engagement and investment on that his land.
Today I could boldy say he hadn’t saved money at the time I met him even though he had a good job. So he felt a competition from the guy and rushed us into getting married. All went done in 20th September 2014.

We started facing serious financial challenges but that we couldn’t show to the public but all started settling after his annaul bonus from his work came.
Early 2015 I had my baby girl and as unready as he was to be a husband he went back to coming home 11pm from work and telling lies about going for seminars and workshops when fortunately and coincidentally the truth came out from his immediate boss at work.

I then felt the need to go back to complete my university education which i differed when i was pregnant with my child. But he refused to fund that in going back to school.
Secondly I wanted to establish LYDIA CLELAND FOUNDATION a vision I had back when i was 12 years but the little Ghc500 I took from him to start it,he leaned the money to me and took his money back because he wanted us to fuse name to make it partners meanwhile at some point was paying his son’s school fees and feeding us for a whole year. Well, I wanted to own something for once in my life afterall its was my vision unlike on my album which we fused name as GYEDIA PRODUCTION. I refused the idea because he was always fighting with me me on the idea of not using Mrs Lydia Gyamfi as a stage name for my album. For now I am on halt with my music career.
Among other reasons I just knew the marriage was over when his then baby mama came out to say things i had shared with my husband only privately and the fact that he was bringing food from her house to me while I was pregnant and the last blow that she has also conceived again with my husband .

Aside being abandoned by him while I was sick at the hospital for 2 weeks while my little girl was barely a year old.
I had to spend 7 months in a sofa with my little baby with no accommodation of my own and starvation and guess what gave me the cold heart to fall totally out of love was when he told me he could not give me money for hair because his girlfriend doesn’t even ask him for money for that. At that point i realised how worthless I was to him as a house wife.

From then I closed my mind on all societal lashes when you move out of marriage and I went back to school to complete my education and made a vow to make my voice count in PROMOTING WOMEN HAVING A SOURCE OF INCOME BEFORE MARRIAGE.
For the very same reason Lydia Cleland Foundation and it’s partners have put together a two weeks workshop training which will take place in Apam in the Central Region after the success in 2016 assisting girls into apprenticeship. On the 15th of September to 30th.
The lunch of the event will be on 15th September at Victory Liberation Bible Church 3pm. Artise on the bile are Broda Sammy, Star Boy and min Charles.
Special guest of honour

1.Weave and braids cap
2.Pedicure and manicure
3.Con roll and raster
4.Make up and eye lash fixing
5.Acrylic and normal nail fixing
6.Flower arrangements
7. Bakery
8.Beads making

For any enquiries contact: 0240909272


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