Patients in Tatale District Hospital lamented on the congestion in the hospital due to lack of beds and how small the rooms are to contain 5 or more beds where they are forced to pair 3 or 4 on one bed without knowing the kind of disease the person they are paired with suffers from.

According to a patient, she hasn’t washed down for the past three days in the hospital due to water shortage. “That is why when you are referred to the hospital they feel bad and sad and even wished to be at home without coming to hospital because you may come for treatment and go home with a strange or another disease from the hospital”. She lamented.

They are calling on the Government, NGO’s, Companies, Individuals for an immediate help to ease the pressure on the Hospital.

Dr Paul Ayambila gave reasons that brought the hospital into unbearable condition, according to him, it was a polyclinic and later converted to a hospital without any expansion or renovation of the facility and additional hospital equipments for work.

There’s an increased in services with the same building so we are appealing to the government and any private entity whom it may concern to come to their aid to support them with more tools and infrastructure to release the terrible conditions in the hospital.


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