Industry and appeal to the international film community to exhibit our rich Ghanaian culture through films, for the purpose of tourism and economic growth.

The Ghana Film Industry has over the years, contributed to raising the standards of the Ghana Creative arts as well as improved the economic conditions of industry players. Therefore, the Zylofon Ghana Film Industry Awards aim to provide the platform needed to award excellence and recognize industry players who have worked tirelessly within the year under review, 2018.

The ZYLOFON GHANA FILM INDUSTRY AWARDS is adjudged by a Jury Academy featuring prestigious members of the Ghana Film and Creative Arts Industry and the public, with the aim to give fair judgment and honor to most deserving industry players who have been featured in films within the year under review.

In order to serve the industry and film lovers with something worth investing precious time and resources in, Zylofon Media Co. Ltd have decided to introduce the LEGENDARY HONORARY AWARDS.

The honorary awards will be given to selected individuals who have contributed to what and where the Ghana film Industry is today. Hence selected categories will be named after these honored individuals and will be captured in subsequent years as an award category.

Patrons can access nomination forms via

Source: Zylofon Media


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